When it comes to website copywriting, your About Us page is one that needs a lot of thought. This is your opportunity to shine and demonstrate what you do to your visitors who want to know more. If a prospect is reading this page, they’re likely weighing you up to determine whether you are trustworthy or not. It’s time to prove that you are by telling your story, here are some tips for sharing your mission and vision.

Write in the first person and keep it authentic

Everyone knows a great About Us is written in the first person. It’s personable, friendly and easy to read, almost as though you were talking to your prospects directly. People like to buy from people and so this conversational tone shows visitors there’s a real human behind an online business. In fact, this page is often described as the soul of a site because it offers an insight into a brand’s philosophy.

Tell your story not a history lesson

Your brand story is what makes you, YOU and there’s probably no other likes yours. So start recounting your steps and you’ll connect with your readers but keep it relevant and on point. One mistake businesses make is going off-topic or babbling on and on. Readers love an original story but they don’t need a history lesson so keep it to around 300 words or less.

Set your brand apart from your competitors

If you want to get ahead today you have to be different otherwise you’ll just look like every other bird in the flock. So how can you stand out, especially right now and how can you persuade prospects to do business with you? Perhaps honesty is your best policy, or you specialise in a niche – you must make it clear to your readers what you bring to the table. Most companies are also familiar with blogging and it’s many benefits like getting your brand’s voice heard over your competitors.

Present the facts, forget the hype

Straightforward facts will give you clout and can help to get your message across. For instance, does your service make life easy, and if so, how? Describe your capabilities and the problems you solve. What can be off-putting, however, is rambling stats and inflated statements that sound like you’re boasting. Instead, pair it right back and keep it simple, you will come across so much better.

Consider your audience

Finally, as you write your About Us page, try to picture who you’re writing for? Visualise your prospective clients and their needs and wants – your About Us page must speak their language. For instance, are you aiming at busy professionals who have no time but are looking to remodel their home? Having a grasp on your audience is really crucial and all of your copy must relate to them.

Get started with this free template

For many people, getting started with writing is often the hardest part. Here’s my go-to formula if you’re feeling stuck for a winning About Us page:

1. Set the scene, introduce yourself and establish what you’re about

2. Describe a typical customer pain and how you always rise to the challenge to find a solution

3. Share details of any business milestones and contemplate what’s next

Need help with website copywriting? I can help tell your story and with a fresh pair of eyes! Contact me to discuss a project and get started promoting your work online. Thanks for reading – H.

Website Copywriting | How to Nail Your About Us Page

Website Copywriting | How to Nail Your About Us Page