Are you looking for website copywriting tips for no-nonsense content? You have come to the right place. Whether you’re writing a client case study or a blog post, here are some tips that you should know. Forget thinking you need to use big words because clarity is key for content that is both smart and professional. Have a read of my guide to help get you started creating witty website copy.

Have something to say

First and foremost, it’s essential you know what it is you’re trying to say. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll likely get lost and your writing won’t have a definitive structure. So before you begin, have a brainstorm about your subject matter and any subtopics. It may sound silly but spider diagrams are a great way to come up with new ideas.

Keep sentences short and snappy… 

There is nothing worse than sentences that seem to go on forever. Run-on sentences are also grammatically incorrect and hard for readers to understand. Instead, use short, snappy copy to pull readers in and keep them on your site for longer. Each sentence should also be kept to just the one thought – any more and you’ll confuse.

… and this applies to paragraphs too

Just like sentences, paragraphs should also be short and easy to understand. If you look at any newspaper, they use small chunks of writing as it’s much easier for the brain to take in.

Simple words win every time

When a visitor finds your website, you have just seconds to prove you’re worth them sticking around. If your copy is long and over-complex, they may become disinterested and then quickly leave. Straightforward words are better than fluff which can suck the life out of otherwise good copy. For example, ditch ‘utilise’ for ‘use’ and ‘commence’ for ‘start’ – these words don’t provide much value for readers.

Write in a conversational, relatable tone

A conversational tone personalises your writing and will make readers feel like you’re talking to them. So don’t show off with buzzwords or insider speak, they’re not productive and will fall flat. Instead, imagine you’re having coffee with friends and you happen to be discussing a particular topic. The whole vibe isn’t salesy, it’s totally relaxed and perfect for demonstrating your knowledge.

Don’t ramble or repeat yourself

Rambling can be a big problem for some, especially if you’re stuck for words. Again this goes back to forming a plan and having something to say, so make sure that you set your intentions. Another big copy no-no is repeating yourself and writing phrases that don’t need saying again. Repetition of key messages, however, is fine and is an integral part of brand image.

Edit then edit again

Once you have written your copy, you may find it useful to take a break before any editing. I always find going back to a document after a while means I see things that I didn’t before. Of course, there’s software for spelling but what I mean is, a fresh pair of eyes will have a different take on things. Then you can shorten, delete and rephrase any words for naturally written content that is website ready.

Write with SEO in mind

To conclude this post; website copywriting tips, I’d like to touch on the subject of SEO. Today, Google wants high-quality content that resonates with readers instead of being optimised just for search engines. By naturally integrating keywords, you’ll create a higher calibre of copy instead of it being too regimented. Take a look at your competition, what words are they using? Use this as a starting point and make it better!

Website copywriting | Get in touch with me to find out more

Thank you for reading my latest blog post which provides tips on how to create great copy. Remember, your brand is only as strong as your online presence so make sure to elevate your words and you will thrive. You’re probably more than capable of writing your copy yourself but why not focus your talent elsewhere in your business? If you’d like to share exciting work, ideas and products, please get in touch to discuss a project. Thanks again.

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Website copywriting | Get in touch with me to find out more.