Blog Article Creation

So you can focus on design + craft

The internet is a noisy place and so it’s important you position your brand. Thankfully blog posts are a great way to do this and will help to secure you as an industry expert. Get more clicks and shares with readers returning for more by writing and posting great content like blog posts. After all, it’s no good accomplishing great work if you’re not telling anyone about it. Have you ever clicked onto a brands website and noticed the last blog post was months ago? It kind of leaves you asking why did they stop and if they’re even open for business.

Content you can share with your followers on social media

Frequent blogging proves your presence and better still, it gives you solid content to share with your social followers. Ever wished you could share creative articles online but you don’t know what to say? This is where my blog content writing comes in. On the flip side, blog posts come into their own by providing readers with value and solid advice. For instance, you could talk about trends whilst endorsing products or provide tips with educational How-To’s. Fresh content may even boost your website traffic which could lead to an improvement in ranking. A personal way to engage with readers, you’ll make their lives easy and their spaces a lot more stylish and functional.

Whether you need a one-off article or a series of blog posts, I can put pen to paper including the research and the optimisation. Discuss trending hot topics whilst demonstrating your craft – drop me a line here to discuss blogging.