Your website is your best sales tool when it comes to promoting your business. Which is why you’ll want to be sure that it looks great and gives the right first impression. No matter what type of business you have, there are certain pages which are fundamental to website design. Read on for a list of the common six so you can start to plan your website copy.


The home page is the front door of your business or the storefront, so to speak. Although visitors may not find your site through this page, it needs to convey the right message and you have about 8 seconds to impress. Engaging website copy will help you do just that and prove you’re a business worth considering. The trick is to keep it concise and use your keywords to communicate your message clearly.


An About page is essential whether you’re a sole trader or you have a much larger business. When a prospect finds your website they want to get to know you and make sure you’re credible before investing their time. In fact, a 2015 study, revealed the ‘About’ section as one of the most frequently visited website pages. It may be tempting to write your life story but keep it focused; you don’t want to put people off.

Products and services

Products and services are up next to promote exactly what you offer. Don’t be afraid of saying too much because prospects want answers and they’re on your website to find them out. Products or services also deserve individual pages to avoid your website looking cramped and untidy. The next time you speak with your developer ask for whitespace which will give your content some room to breathe.

Testimonials and reviews

When it comes to business websites, a page for reviews is absolutely essential. While much of your website copy is your own words, testimonials are directly from clients. The opportunity to read unbiased comments can be extremely persuasive, especially if your reviews are glowing. Be sure to include full names and locations to add legitimacy to your testimonials.


Having a blog on your site is a great way to build relationships with prospective clients. When a visitor first lands on a site they’re not always ready to buy but having related blog articles can start to build trust. Regular blog content can also help with your growth by positioning you as an industry expert. Google will begin to index your pages as you add them – more content means more chance to be seen.


A contact page provides information such as your location and email address. Even if you were to display these details on each separate page, we are conditioned to look for ‘Contact us’. So make it easy to be found and don’t leave this one out, you could even name it ‘Get in touch’ if you wish. Google maps can also be embedded to make it easier if you’d like to encourage appointments and visits.

Need a hand writing website copy?

If you’re wondering what to say on your site, I’d love to help out and take away the burden of writing copy. Why not drop me a line and let’s work on the pages every great website should have! Thanks for reading – H.

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Website Copy | 6 Pages Your Business Should Have