Oakwrights © Ricky Frew

Interior Insights for Bespoke Builds

Oakwrights, renowned for their exquisite oak-framed constructions, approached me to enhance inquiries for their garages and extensions division. Recognised for their award-winning craftsmanship in bespoke builds, Oakwrights sought to tap into the growing trend of oak-framed structures for both residential and auxiliary purposes. Understanding the significance of appealing to the female demographic in home purchasing decisions, we focused on infusing a feminine touch into their marketing strategy. We embarked on a series of interior-centric blog posts strategically curated to resonate with potential clients’ lifestyle aspirations.

Shifting away from conventional construction advice, our content delved into home trends, interior aesthetics, and the seamless integration of oak-framed elements into modern living spaces. Enriched with targeted keywords and a keen understanding of evolving consumer preferences, our approach transformed Oakwrights’ blog into a hub of inspiration for prospective clients. By bridging the gap between technical expertise and aspirational lifestyle content, we successfully positioned Oakwrights as master craftsmen and purveyors of timeless elegance and functional luxury in the realm of bespoke oak-framed buildings.


In Their Words: Client Testimonial

”Excellent customer service and communication are important to us as a brand. Hannah is very proactive and has a responsive approach when it comes to getting things done. Her writing skills are also adaptable and so will suit many sectors. Additionally, she has clear SEO expertise for online purposes which we found to be very valuable.”

Lucy Holloway, Marketing Executive, Oakwrights.