What’s in it for you? Why should you hire a niche copywriter over a generalist? Read on for my guide to niche content writing and how it can help your business.

A niche copywriter loves what they do

First and foremost, a niche copywriter must have a passion for what they are writing about! I take pride in my work and also find it really easy to have a vested interest in an individual business. Since from a young age I have been surrounded by influences in the home and renovation industry. That along with my passion for writing gives me the unique ability to produce copy specifically targeted at this customer base.

We write with greater understanding and ease

Having a good understanding of my niche means better quality of content; I listen to you and summarise to readers without the technical jargon. Because I also enjoy the subject matter in hand, copy flows with ease and with every new project comes more experience.

Original and quality content

A niche copywriter will be more familiar with words that are likely to convert prospects into clients. The more I specialise, the more I hone my skills in order to produce a better standard of writing.

Experience with past projects

Learning from past projects enables a niche copywriter to work more efficiently with any new clients. I also find this a point of difference and it helps me stand out when a client is deciding whether to use my services.

A niche copywriter can save you time

A copywriter who works in a particular niche will already have a good handle on your field. This means less time briefing and more time to write, with fewer amendments needed before the deadline.

Thank you for reading my latest instalment; 5 reasons to use a niche copywriter. Remember, no matter how good a writer is, it doesn’t mean to say that they are a master of every topic. So if you’re considering outsourcing your copy, instead look for someone who has a personal investment in their area of focus. Specialising in interior design and renovation content, why not drop me a line? I’m always happy to help! Thanks again, H.

5 Reasons to Use a Niche Copywriter

5 Reasons to Use a Niche Copywriter