We are 5 months into a global pandemic and big lessons have begun to emerge. For most, the internet has become a much-needed lifeline and usage has increased by up to 50 per cent. With shoppers buying online more than ever before, this is no time for your brand to be hiding away. This week I’d like to expand on the benefits of habitually blogging and why it’s still so important right now.

Expertise and trust

Blogging is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Often seen as something that needs to be done but then gets overlooked, it can help prospects create a deeper bond with your brand. Blog posts are also a great way to share knowledge and establish your business as a go-to industry leader. They also allow you to become more transparent and engage directly with readers – the first step in building confidence and trust.

Blogging provides readers with value

Over salesy talk and spammy tactics no longer cut the mustard these days. Instead, prospects want value and it’s up to you to provide it for a better customer experience all round. By providing something for free, like a helpful checklist, you are reinforcing your brand as the household name. The more readers receive, the more loyal they’ll become – remember, education always comes before sales.

Greater visibility and exposure

It’s every brand’s long-term goal to reach the first page of Google and blogging can actually help with this. Each time you write an in-depth series of posts around a particular topic, the search giant actually does take notice. In addition, your blog posts will give you great content to share across social media, garnering feedback and attention from users. Any questions they ask will also give you a better idea of the type of articles that they want to read.

Blogging speeds up the lead conversion process… 

Blogging is an important part of the lead conversion process. In fact, if your website doesn’t generate interest within eight to fifteen seconds, it’s likely any visitors will leave. For example, checklists and tips can attract prospects and get him or her excited about your products and services. Additionally ‘’how-to’’ topics never fail to impress and can be quite assertive at converting a lead.

…and keeps you ahead of the competition

It is said businesses with an active blog are more likely to see visitors make a purchase from them. In fact, 55 per cent of users will actually buy from a business if their blog posts are entertaining and regular. When a website hasn’t been updated for months, it can be mistaken for closed with visitors left out in the cold. A business with a steady blog, however, is ‘open all hours’ and seen as an expert by users.

Get in touch to discuss a blogging strategy

Blogging can be valuable to a variety of people and for a variety of reasons. If you’d like to start telling your story then I would love to help you use this marketing tool to your advantage. A freelance copywriter, I have worked with many different clients across the lifestyle and interiors industry. I can also give you the personalised attention your business deserves to come out of the Coronavirus crisis stronger. Thank you for reading – H.


Blogging in 2020 | Why it’s More Crucial Than Ever