Looking for ways to build on your brand? The internet is more valuable than ever – especially when it comes to beautiful homes! Here’s a refresher on five techniques to help you through lockdown and take advantage of the online market.

Online ads

Digital ads are extremely effective when it comes to generating new business. How do you make sure, however, you get the most out of it when the cost of ads can quickly rack up? When in the right hands, paid advertising can help, so it’s worth speaking to a professional company. I’d also mix this up with a few other methods like blog posts that can potentially help you rank organically.

Social media

Social media isn’t just for the kids – it is a legitimate business tool too. Choosing the right platform will also prevent you from spreading yourself too thin – returning comments can be a lot to keep up with. Personally, for me, Instagram works best, and I make the most of it by posting daily. Be sure to also use plenty of hashtags so people find you – you can even promote the odd post if you wish.

Email marketing

Despite an increase in social media for lead generation, email marketing is still a big player. In fact, a lot of my clients say it offers a fantastic return on investment and makes it really easy to build on your contacts. With tools like Mailchimp around, even beginners can start with automated email campaigns. If you need a hand with the content, a copywriter can help for emails that perform every time.

An attractive and functional website

Hopefully, by now, everyone gets just how important a website is. It’s your brand’s online shopfront for that great first impression – you wouldn’t leave a shopfront sign wonky, would you? Which is why it makes me a sad to see a live website unloved, too busy or slow. Much like an actual shop, a site needs regular care to keep it working functionally and looking fab.

Blog posts your readers will love

In this day and age, SEO matters and most people understand the value of blogging. Half-hearted attempts, however, will let your strategy down, like posting for weeks and then suddenly stopping. It’s essential to keep your blog active to bring in the traffic, but not only that, it shows your brand is still alive and kicking. Admit it, when you’ve visited a site, and the company hasn’t published a post for a while it does leave you asking whether they’re actually open. My tip is to commit to a regular post, on a weekly basis and if you don’t the time hire someone who does. A copywriter who specialises in this will keep your blog nice and fresh and bursting with enjoyable content.

Promote your design and build business with a copywriter

Thank you for reading my post – I hope you’ve enjoyed and if you need any help, please give me a shout. I don’t get involved with paid ads, but I can certainly make sure your copy is to the point and effective. Thanks again – H.

5 Ways to Promote Your Design and Build Business Online

5 Ways to Promote Your Design and Build Business Online