Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has amassed over 1 billion users worldwide. Visual marketing is more effective than ever, so it’s no surprise; this social channel has become a valuable platform for brands. If you’re an interior designer or home decor brand, Instagram has practically been built for you. Maintaining an engaging account takes commitment, however, so here are some helpful tips.

Create Instagrammable content

An incredibly powerful way of telling your story, Instagram offers a glimpse into your world. It all starts with an attractive image with a great caption to showcase your talent, inform and inspire. There’s also the Stories feature which provides a more in-depth look into the background of your Instagram feed. One tip I’ve learnt on the way is to use the same filter throughout to create a uniformed and unmistakable look.

Do your hashtag research

Using the right hashtags can boost your presence and connect you with your target audience. What hashtags you use will depend on your niche and the image you’re posting, and there’s also a limit of thirty in total. For instance, a furniture brand with a colourful product image may use the hashtags #rainbowdecor and #sofadesign. Remember to keep your hashtags relevant, fun and unique – one size does not fit all.

Edit Edit Edit

As a freelance writer, my biggest bugbear is errors in my Instagram captions. I’m continually analysing, re-writing and editing again (but you don’t have to be this thorough). You should, however, do a quick spellcheck which will also ward off any keyboard warriors. Instagram is about the aesthetics, so don’t let a great image down with a bad, un-edited caption.

Follow and engage with the right people

There’s a reason it’s called social media; it’s all about the interaction. So don’t just post and pray, get engaging with others by liking and commenting on photos. If you’re only interacting with friends or people you know, your network will never expand. Make an effort to follow a handful of new accounts each day and get networking – quantity is not always better than quality either.

Don’t give up on posting

Much like exercise, results only happen if you put the hard work in. So be regular with posts and keep your message consistent – followers only want to follow active accounts. I find it helps to plan my posts on a weekly basis so I know what I’m saying daily. If the actual posting is an issue, there’s always Meet Edgar or another easy scheduling tool.

Connect with me

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to an appealing and highly beautiful profile. Remember, it’s consistency that matters, so try to post every day – Instagram’s algorithm knows when you skip.

Let’s follow each other – @hannahkingwritescopy – thanks for reading!

5 Instagram Tips for Interior Design and Lifestyle Brands

5 Instagram Tips for Interior Design and Lifestyle Brands