Looking good online is an absolute must if you’re in business and you want to stand out. The days of relying on the phone book are gone, consumers are searching online and now is the time to impress. If you’re thinking of building a website yourself, trust me, it’s wise to seek help from a professional instead. So what makes a quality site, let’s find out, read on to learn more…

Consistent brand identity

When it comes to a professional website, most developers have the bigger picture in mind. A designer aims to create a memorable identity across all of your channels, including your social media.

A professional and polished appearance

Just from the way your website looks, potential clients will evaluate whether it’s worth their time. Gaudy colours and fonts can be really offputting as can a confusing navigation menu. By having a more uniformed look and a well-balanced theme, your website will look more attractive. The aim is professional and clean with lots of white space to ensure a quality user experience.

A well-defined image among competitors

It isn’t ok to follow the crowd in a competitive market like the internet. How many websites out there look exactly the same and how can we expect visitors to differentiate one from the other? Good copywriting will give you the edge but it isn’t enough if your website is badly built. The trick is to invest in an experienced designer who knows what their doing to ensure your image is an unmistakable one.

Visitors will stay for longer

We now live in an era where time is ticking to form an impression online. These days most people will land on your site but then quickly leave if they’re presented with an outdated version. Quality design is what catches the eye and it makes visitors want to stick around for longer. Your website should also be easy to use with lots of regular new copy like blog posts to keep readers interested.

A great structure that’s flexible for development

When a website is built by a professional designer, the right foundations will be put in place. This means if your site has room for further development like new services or products, you won’t have to re-design the whole website from scratch.

Looking for a well-written and quality website?

Do you need a new website that looks the part, is beautiful yet highly-functional? Please get in touch for my recommendation – you’ll be in safe hands I promise. Your website should be properly built and optimised for mobile with links to your social profiles. The website copywriting, of course, is where I come in, please drop me a line if you would like a chat. Thanks for reading – H.

5 Benefits of Having a Quality Website

5 Benefits of Having a Quality Website