Having a blog on your website is a really great way to build your interior design business. Maintaining momentum, however, is another story, especially coming up with new content ideas. One thing I’d recommend is showcasing your work, including before and after photos. If any projects are taking longer than planned here are some other ideas to bridge the gap between your blog posts.

1. The classic how-to post

When it comes to post content, a great place to start is by teaching your clients how to do something you offer. How-to posts provide knowledge for free, which your readers will love and in turn, will establish your brand as the go-to leader. For instance, as a colour consultant, you may wish to write a blog post on how much paint you need for a particular sized room. If also possible, stick to evergreen content, and your posts will rank better – sustainable copy is always googleiscious!

How-to post ideas:

1. How to Reupholster a Chair

2. How to Dress a Coffee Table

3. How to Paint a Bedroom Ceiling

2. Ideas for inspiration

The bread and butter of interior design posts, idea articles are usually visually heavy. They also give readers suggestions around topics that they’re searching for and are typically focused around rooms of the house. Rather than running with a generic title like ‘bedroom ideas’ try to be more specific with your blog post keywords. For instance, have a think about colour or even the room’s user to inspire a more targeted audience.

Inspirational post ideas:

4. Shaker Style Kitchen Ideas

5. Broken Plan Living Ideas

6. DIY Ideas For a Kids Playroom

3. List blog posts

List blog posts are a popular format because they are fun and straightforward to write. They’re also easy to scan read so will be enjoyed by your prospects and are big performers on social media.

List blog post ideas:

7. 10 Reasons to Love Navy Interiors

8. 6 Tips for Kitchen Lighting

9. 5 Changes You Can Make Without Planning Permission

4. ‘Best of’ posts

If you are looking to earn income from affiliate marketing, ‘Best of’ blog posts are the way to go. This type of content is also great for long-tail keywords with less competition and is, therefore, easier to attract the kind of prospects you want.

‘Best of’ post ideas:

10. Our Favourite Pendant Lights For Over Kitchen Islands

11. The Best Lamps to Light Up Your Life This Fall

12. The Best of Green Velvet Sofas

5. Trend specific

Trends come and go so follow the seasons and you’ll always have a post to write. You don’t even have to like the trend personally, but many others will, and they are using google to find out more. The key to this sort of content is explaining the trend and showcasing how you can re-create a similar style at home. Strong imagery is also essential to help readers visualise the look; here are some go-to topics you can try.

Trend specific post ideas:

13. Colour Trends of 2020

14. 5 Ways to Create a Japandi Style Living Room

15. Everything You Need to Know About Biophilic Design

6. Comparison post topics

Comparison posts are a great way to help readers understand the difference between two concepts. With these topics, it’s essential to make it evident to readers which option is best by highlighting the pros and cons.

Comparison post ideas:

16. Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles

17. Eggshell vs Satin Wall Paint

18. Radiators vs Underfloor Heating

Need help to get your blog started?

If you need any other ideas, the best person to ask is actually your good self. You know more than you think and if you give yourself five, the ideas will come flooding out. For instance, what design books have you read and enjoyed the most? This would make a super interesting post! If you still feel like you need a little help getting your blog started, get in touch – let’s have a chat. Thanks for reading – H.

6 Blog Post Ideas for Busy Interior Designers

6 Blog Post Ideas for Busy Interior Designers