For many this year has been disappointing, and unfortunately, it’s not over yet. With another lockdown well underway, I’m thinking of every business that has had to shut their doors once again. When things are uncertain, it’s natural to tread carefully but wouldn’t it be better to leverage this time to your advantage instead? Don’t let the pandemic steal any more of your valuable time; here’s how to use lockdown to better position your business.

Invest in a new website

As the world stands still, we’re more reliant than ever on a digital marketing strategy. If you suddenly find yourself with an abundance of time, it’s not every day, so use this wisely on those tasks you’ve been meaning to do. Perhaps you’ve been planning a new website or intended on starting a blog? Focus your energy here, and you’ll soon be in an advantageous position. I took the plunge back in March, and I’m so glad I did, even though at times things felt uncertain. Start by hiring your site power team; an SEO guru and an experienced web designer. Time is also a valuable resource, and so for tackling the content, I’d recommend hiring a copywriter.

Review and improve your existing website

Success is all about image, and a great looking site will portray the type of business you are. If yours is not quite up to scratch, use this time to make changes to ensure browsing your website is a more pleasant experience. Right now you may be tempted to tighten the reins on your marketing budget but think about your future plans. Downtime can be a good thing, giving you time to re-set and focus on moving forward. When it comes to improving your site, consider lots of white space and specifically look at the content and the language used. You want prospects to visit your site and feel like they’ve gotten to know you – professionally written blog and website content is an excellent way of building this trust.

Work on your social presence

When it comes to social media, ideally, your brand should be on every platform going. It’s easy to say this, however, but things aren’t always straightforward, so you should start by prioritising the right channels for you. If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is ideal, whereas Instagram is very image-driven and great for products. The point is now is the time to be vocal online, and social media will help spread your word. In fact, here’s a true story, my friend is a baker, and during the last lockdown, she managed to amass 30,000 followers – people must really like cake, right? Top tip: If you need direction for content, write a weekly blog post and break it down to use across your social channels.

Get new printed or pdf literature

Along with your website and social marketing efforts, a company brochure should play an integral part of your branding process. This is especially important if you provide high-end products, PDF or printed brochures are still a powerful way to engage with prospects. It may seem pointless right now, but when the world is back open, your literature will be available and ready to go. Choose a designer with Adobe InDesign experience and a great printer – don’t forget, a copywriter can also help you with the bulk of the content.

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

When the pandemic is over and normality returns, be prepared, and you will hit the ground running. If you’d like to discuss copywriting, please get in touch but most importantly, stay safe and focus on what you can control. Thanks for reading – H.


How to Use Lockdown Downtime to Your Brand’s Advantage