Come on admit it, you’re totally fab and one of the best at what you do. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t like to blow their own trumpet, instead, believing their work will speak for itself. This is true to a point, but the reality is if you want to get on, you have to speak up. If more people are aware of your talents, you’ll achieve amazing results – here’s how to promote yourself in an authentic way.

1. Add value

Whether a direct message or a telephone call, it’s not enough to blather on about how great you are. People will simply tune out so show them your worth and what makes you different from everybody else.

2. Be confident

Self-belief is a big one here – if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? So stand up tall and have faith in your work, the results just might surprise you.

3. Know your audience

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘’trying to appeal to everyone is the fastest way to appeal to no one’’. Seek out and find your crowd, those who need what you do because when you make contact they’ll be happy to talk.

4. Get permission

OK, this goes back to knowing your audience but having permission makes it easier to promote yourself. And once your prospect is receptive, you’re halfway there, even if you start with ‘’I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch…’’.

5. Personalise, adjust and adapt

There is nothing worse than a sales email that has clearly been copied and pasted. Great leaders adapt their communication style and so should you to build a connection with the person in question.

6. Show you care

Adapting your use of words for different buyer personas shows you have taken time with your message. Part of this is also surpassing their needs and making prospects feel good – both of which are key to a great first impression of you.

7. Maintain relationships

Self-promotion doesn’t end there; it must be repeated again and again. So keep in touch with as many contacts as possible and show genuine interest – once they need your service, you’ll be their first point of call.

Why not use a copywriter for self-promotion?

If you’re no good with words, a copywriter can help and will also take the awkwardness out of self-promotion. Better still, a fresh pair of eyes will bring new ideas for original copy such as an updated About Us page or blog posts. What experiences have you had with self-promotion (good or bad)? I would love to hear your views! Don’t forget to toot your own horn whilst being hashtag authentic and if you can’t do it get someone who can. Thanks for reading – H.

The 7 Rules of Self-Promotion

The 7 Rules of Self-Promotion