If you’ve been consistent enough with a weekly blog post – good job, you’re doing fantastic. What you may find, however, new topics become scarce, what do you talk about when you’re out of ideas? Well, there’s no need to fret because it is never-ending once you’ve got a subject strategy in place. Read on this week for 8 blog post ideas for when you’re lacking in inspirational spirit.

Team Member Interview

People buy from people and so introducing your team is a great idea. From their favourite hobbies to their professional background, it will make for an interesting read. What’s more, if your team is large you’ll have so much content, beautifully crafted with some nice headshots. It’s refreshing, it’s real and it makes you look human – who are you going to start with first?

Your Latest Read

Recommending and discussing your latest hardback is a great way to get interacting with clients. Interiors, fashion whatever it is, write a great blog post and make it relate.

How-to Guides

From how to find a great architect to picking a colour palette for the new extension, how-to guides are tried and tested material, it’s also free advice for readers i.e. gold dust.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are another great post and I recently wrote one myself. If a product is good enough you need to share with your readers, they’ll appreciate the tip I promise. Start with a compelling story and its contribution to get a much better reader response. Alternatively, pick two products and compare both to help your readers choose for themselves.

Seasonal Trends

Trends come and go but good taste is forever and to your readers, you are the guru. So use your blog to discuss any upcoming industry trends and do it before your competitors do.

Address any Killer Questions

In every industry, there are killer questions i.e. what your clients ask the most. For instance, How long will my project take and is there a contract? Why not jump the gun and answer them upfront? Misconceptions may also pop up and so it’s an idea to cover these as well. So if you’re met with doubt, you can guide clients to your blog – look at you all prepared.

Project Case Studies

If you’ve completed a job that you’re really proud of, why not give it a little spotlight? Shout from the rooftops on your company blog and then share it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Travel Inspiration

Sometimes a break away from the office can give you some brilliant article ideas. Perhaps you’re staying in Florence, an iconic city and home to some of the worlds most exquisite architecture. If the terracotta-tiled Duomo doesn’t stir your senses perhaps “The Birth of Venus” in The Uffizi Gallery will. Either way, travel is good for the soul and it does wonders for creativity too.

Still Not Feeling It? You Need a Copywriter!

If writing your blog posts has become a chore, perhaps it’s time you got a copywriter. Because if your passions not there it will show in your text and leave your lovely readers disconnected. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss getting started with regular blogging. If you’ve decided to do this yourself, please make sure you do and feel free to use any of my topics above! Thanks for reading – H.