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If you're not already doing it, you blooming well should be

I am positively passionate about writing and I would love the opportunity to write for your company.

Thrive with my Blog Content Writing Service

I can implement for you, four 300-500 word, fully optimised blogs, created and published to your site each month. The blog style will be tailored to suit and reflect what you as a company represent and I will conduct my own research into industry related material to come up with interesting and off-the-press content your customers will want to read.
Suitable imagery will be used for each blog with SEO, your target audience and keyword research also taken into consideration. 
You are welcome to guide me on the matters you wish to be written about or I am more than happy to propose the subjects myself.

Why Blog?

Blogging raises your profile and with a raised profile comes more opportunity.

A company blog is also a very personal and exclusive method of keeping in touch with your customers. You can openly demonstrate your companies expertise in what you do and position yourself as the industry expert.

Enjoy visitors hanging on your every word and lingering on your website that little while longer.

Search engines are infatuated with new content and a regularly updated blog can help drive more traffic to your website. With search engine users more likely to explore the internet in the form of questions these days, an encyclopedia of useful blogs on your website, all based around your industry, can only be a bonus to you over your competitors who are not blogging.


Blog posts will also give you much more original content to use on your social media platforms and by encouraging social media users to interact and share these posts will only help to strengthen your brand.


Please contact me to consider your requirements and to discuss pricing.

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